Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Portland International Spring Quilt Market 2008 #3

International Quilt Market is a pile of hard work, but as you can see in these photos it is also a whole lot of fun. You never know who you'll meet wandering down an aisle. I noticed the name "Karen Combs" on the tag of a lady in the Blank Textiles booth, and invited her back to my booth. Karen has designed many of the Blank fabrics that I use in my quilts. She was so appreciative of my work that she brought a number of Blank people back, including le grand fromage Mitchell Blank, the President of Blank Textiles.

Karen is a designing dynamo, author and teacher. Her website is www.KarenCombs.com and her blog is Karen Combs.
Here we are struttin' our stuff!

Sharon Pederson visited our aisle, known as
Little Canada. Sharon was debuting her latest book,
Machine Appliqué for the Terrified Quilter
published by Martingale & Company.

A sassy lady sporting a new henna
tattoo also stopped by. Her initials
are Tricia Sherman, and she is the
owner of The Great Canadian Shop Hop as well as being a media star for QNNTV.com.
I met Tricia in 2007 when she filmed
the 4th episode of GCSH at Country Concessions, a quilt shop in
Cookstown, Ontario.
I was one of the featured designers.

Tomorrow will be the last post on Quilt Market - photos from the Deschutes Brewery!

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