Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Bed Quilt Club 7

The Bed Quilt Club met yesterday, which will be the last meeting I am able to attend. I'll be exhausted and crazy when I come home from Portland International Quilt Market, and I plan on sitting on my deck in a daze.

However, this was a great meeting with many beautiful bed quilts shown and here is the first: "Fall Fantasy" by Doris, from the book Clever Quarters Too by Susan T. Dissmore. It was beautifully longarm quilted by our very own Catherine Sloan. Doris made this quilt at camp.

The next was made by Pat, who shared with us her tales of woe in the making of this scrap quilt. According to Pat, nobody knows the trouble this quilt has been. Can you spot the Humble Block? This is the one that ended up (accidentally) sideways. Despite the problems, the quilt turned out very well!
Gwen is working on a second pattern called "It's Always Green in Miami" from the book French Braid Quilts. These strips will become 2 quilts for brothers, who are Gwen's step grandsons.
Marg has made 14 more Friendship Star blocks. She is also wearing a quilt fabric tie made by Pat years ago from fabric that most of us have owned in the past!

Myrna has completed her quilt top, which is ready to be quilted.

Myrna has also made a scrap quilt from her fabric stash which she is donating to the Sudbury Hospice. Did I mention she also works at Pat's store, drives 100 km round trip to get to work, travels often and has a beautiful log home and amazing garden?

I feel tired just thinking about it.

We also traded our nine patch blocks, and planned a pyjama party at Marg's camp in June. Pat has added more "rules" to the block swap.
  1. We have to include every block in the swap in our quilts.
  2. We can add as many extra blocks as we want to our own quilt.
Pat is the boss of this exchange, so she gets to make the rules (is what she says, anyway). I think we should have a democratic vote for the next boss.

I haven't done a thing with my bed quilt. Instead I am feverishly working on Quilt Market stuff. I'll post a photo of my latest pattern tomorrow!

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Barbara said...

Amazed at the glory of the quilts. A Price cousin makes quilts, as does my Bredin descendent sister. Another artist sister has taken the name from two branches of artists, Bredins and Prices. (The P was variable in Wales.) I adore the Mozart Mass. We must have climbed down the same family tree.