Friday, May 23, 2008

The Bed Quilt Club 8

I'm slowly digging through all the work generated from International Quilt Market in Portland. I'll post about Market starting tomorrow. Today, however, I'll share the last Bed Quilt Club meeting which was held 2 days ago. Marg kindly emailed the photos to me, as I was up to my neck in printing patterns and couldn't attend.

Once again, the guidelines:
  1. You must be working on a bed quilt.
  2. There are no deadlines or pressures or responsibilities.
  3. You can Show & Tell any project.
  4. Helpful tips and suggestions are welcome.
Myrna's quilt is away to be quilted. She is SO going to win the Speed Queen Award.
Pat shared news of a huge new Canadian Shop Hop to be held this fall.

Doris did some reverse sewing where she had used the wrong colour logs in her blocks. These are the beautiful result! The pattern is "Cabin Fever" from Trudie Hughes' book Log Cabin Quartet.

Gwen finished her quilt top. The pattern is "It's Always Green in Miami" from Jane Hardy Miller's book French Braid Quilts.

Marg sewed 25 more Friendship Star blocks. She is hosting our final get-together at her camp on Manitoulin Island on June 21st. Here's proof that I'm psychic: Pyjamas will be worn. Gin and tonics and single malt scotch will be consumed. There will be a few tears and much laughter.
A good time will be had by all!

Colleen wasn't able to attend, but brought in her 9 Patch Block exchanges earlier. The 9 Patch Block exchange rules are:
  1. 3" finished size blocks, 1" finished squares.
  2. No solids or whites.
  3. The dark squares are at the outside corners and centre.
  4. Blocks will be 2 fabrics: light and dark.
  5. We have to include every block from the swap in our quilts.
  6. We can add as many extra blocks as we want to our own quilt.
Starting tomorrow - some great photos from Quilt Market.

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