Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Chicago Quilt Festival 2008

These are some photos from Quilt Festival. Despite the poor economy in the US, there were lots of shoppers from many countries. We had trouble squeezing through some of the aisles on Friday.

Chicago Quilt Festival - bird's eye view

Beautiful booths and lots of shoppers

My Leaf Magic Little Quilts in the Embellishment Village booth

The next Quilt Festival will be held in Long Beach, California this July. Many people that I spoke to are planning on going. It sounds like an amazing event.

The following photos are of the Friday Sampler. We paid a fee that gave us a booklet of one page instructions from each teacher, and we visited each of their technique demonstrations over a 2 hour period. These were my favorites:

Karen Kay Buckley again - isn't that a gorgeous quilt?

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