Saturday, March 29, 2008

Wolf Lake in Danger

There are over 300 lakes within the Greater City of Sudbury city limits. Wolf Lake is one of the most incredibly beautiful, yet has never been seen by most of our citizens. It is located northeast of Lake Wanapitei. It's possible to drive there, but many of us travel by canoe.

There are a number of easy portages which take us past a series of cascades between the north end of Matagamasi and Silvester Lake.

Our favorite campsite on Wolf Lake, amongst the old growth pine forest.

Mornings often begin with the islands floating on a sea of mist.

Sunrise paints the view from the campsite with a golden light.

Unfortunately, our government has chosen to sacrifice this lovely special place to mining and logging interests. Here is an article that describes the situation. The Friends of Chiniguchi have formed to lobby for protection of the Chiniguchi Waterway Provincial Park.

My husband brought me here in 2001 after chemotherapy and radiation to rest and heal.

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