Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lily on the Beach

My friend Michael Brodzinsky is a Renaissance man. He builds obelisks and outdoor rooms, he's an accomplished gardener and cook, and he quilts! Michael used my Daylily pattern and turned it into his own unique vision. His description follows:

"We have a cherished and colourful daylily collection from years of wandering through garden centers and nurseries. Two years ago, we decided to create our own (hybrid) crosses and have named our new non-registered collection the "calypso series", hoping for the best in an unpredictable garden world. This love of daylilies has inspired Michael to "borrow" ideas from Janet's collection and simply run with the idea. This first panel is entitled "Lily on the Beach" and was created in March 2008."

1 comment:

arlee said...

He really did justice to your design! FANtastic!