Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Bed Quilt Club 4

We had our bi-weekly meeting of the Bed Quilt Club yesterday. These are the guidelines:
  1. You must be working on a bed quilt.
  2. There are no deadlines or pressures or responsibilities.
  3. You can Show & Tell any project.
  4. Helpful tips and suggestions are welcome.
First I have to admit that collectively we have more years of quilting experience than our country's age. And next I am happy to say that we learn something new at every meeting!

Doris wanted to have a wider assortment of colours at the edges of her blocks, so she showed us her nifty tip for organizing her strips: clothespins with the numbers marked on them (in permanent marker) that correspond to the order that they'll be sewn on the blocks. Doris gets the Tip of the Week prize.

Marg continues work on her Friendship Star.

Marg also shared her beautiful "My Flower Garden" quilt, which she worked on from 1989 - 1997. It is hand appliqued, hand embroidered and hand quilted. The inner green border and blocks were designed by Linda Dennison. The outer Morning Glory border was appliqued using a method published in Quilter's Newsletter magazine.

This is a photo of the hand quilting pattern from the back of Marg's quilt. There was much ooing and ahhing.

Pat has added more strips to her Kentucky Log Cabin (pattern by Judy Martin).

I am working on the centres for my next set of blocks from Sherri Hisey's Oh, My Tangled Stars!

Myrna is making this quilt top for a friend's sunroom. I'm wondering if I have a sunroom will she make one for me? Myrna wins the Luscious Colour Award.

Pat has proposed that we begin a challenge called North Stars Over Indiana published in McCalls Quilting, February 2000 issue. We will each bring a set of nine-patch blocks to the Bed Quilt Club meetings, enough for each member. Eventually we will have enough blocks to make our own nine-patch scrap quilts.

Rules for the Nine-patch Swap:
  1. 3" finished size blocks, 1" finished squares.
  2. No solids or whites.
  3. The dark squares are at the outside corners and centre.
  4. Blocks will be 2 fabrics: light and dark.
My mother and I will miss the next meeting as we'll be at the Chicago Quilt Festival spending too much money. So we will hand in our nine-patch blocks before we leave.

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