Friday, June 26, 2009

Long Eared Owl Photos

A local photographer, Christine Koltun, generously shared her photos of a long eared owl and her chicks. The photo of the mother won an award and was published in our local paper The Sudbury Star this past Saturday.

Christine writes:
"These are the pictures of the long eared owl and her babies. I had spotted the mama in her nest a couple of months ago and have been watching her ever since. She was nesting in an old crows nest along a nature trail on our property. She had four babies. The first baby that I saw was at the bottom of the tree and had died. The next day there was another baby at the bottom of the tree and he was alive. For the next seven days I checked on him. Mama owl took care of him by bringing him dead mice. I noticed a fox one morning and sure enough the baby was gone. Mother nature took control. So there were two wide eyed babies left in the nest. They grew quite quick. Within 7 days they were gone but not before I took pictures of them and their mama. She is beautiful."

Thanks Christine!

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