Saturday, February 16, 2008

Deep Freeze '08

The 8th annual Deep Freeze winter camping expedition began this morning in Sudbury. Every February, people from all over Ontario and some from New York State spend 8 days camping on a remote northern lake. They load their gear which is tied to sleds and toboggans onto a special train called the Budd Car and get off at some predetermined point along the railway tracks. Then they trek a few kilometres to a lake and set up a sprawling campsite with many tents and the occasional igloo. Most of the tents have wood stoves, but some do not.

The sleds begin to line up

My husband is one of these crazy people. There are several families, some married couples, and all age groups from 11 years old to the 70's. They come from all walks of life, united by their love of having a good time in our northern wilderness. Some like to ice fish, many snowshoe or cross-country ski, some are musicians who bring their guitars for the evening festivities (Hawaiian night is a big party with grass skirts, loud shirts and one coconut bra), and many bring their cameras.
Husband is on the left. Already having too much fun.

Tony, Nicole and Tina from New York State

Sam the Malamute waiting for the train

I am happy to stay at home.

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