Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Blogs and Isolation

My friend Judy Martin's latest post discusses her need for more cultural isolation. I attended a quilt seminar by Jean Ray Laury in 1984, where Jean asked each of us to share where we lived and what our goals were. I lived in a very remote northern community at the time, and Jean advised me to value my isolation. Her point was that cultural noise prevented us as artists from developing our own style.

Committing to a blog has brought me unexpected benefits. I value my work more, because I have to think about how I will share it every day. And the world has gotten much larger for me. I am able to see what regions people are from who read these words. For those who live in Hong Kong, Barcelona, Knoxville, Makati, Hyderabad, Kortrijk and Amsterdam, what do you see when you look out the window? What to-do list does the person in Paris have today? What temperature is it in San Jose? I also value your day and I hope it goes well for you .

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arlee said...

Though i don't live in a remote area, i *am* isolated in the sense that i have found no one near by who does the same kind of experimentation,or is interested in the same things i am---if it weren't for the blog community, i'd be lost! Well, maybe not quite, as i never would have known what was "out there", but definitely stuck without valued inspiration and sharing from the web. I once in awhile go webless completely for a week, and find it quite invigorating to work through my own spin on ideas.