Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Blog from Superior Threads

Good news! My favorite thread company, Superior Threads, has joined the blogging world. I've added the link to my blog list at right.

Bob and Heather Purcell, the owners of Superior, are wonderful people and have given me a huge amount of support as a new quilt pattern designer.

Superior manufacturers and sells (in my humble opinion) the best quality threads for quilting and sewing.

I'll be attending their Superior School of Threadology next week at their headquarters in St. George, Utah. Can't wait!

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Maggie R said...

Hi Janet..
Sounds like you are having a super time flitting here and there!!!I love Utah...... enjoy your trip..., Superior Threads are doing a Thread Bar workshop at our Oxford Guild in April.. Sounds like a great workshop.
How was your workshop in Florida? Good time to go!!!! Have you got as much snow as we do?. It's up to my hips on our deck!!