Friday, October 3, 2008

Lichen and Quartzite

I took these photos in the hills around Grace Lake in Killarney Provincial Park. I was gobsmacked by the colours in the quartzite, and entranced by the textures of the lichen.

Moss - the rock is so white it looks like snow.

This piece had sheared off. It looks like marble to me.

A pink spot.

Rock face near the shoreline of our campsite.

These lichen patches reminded me of snowflakes.

Pink, alabaster and grey-green.

I had to wait for the morning sun to illuminate this rock face.

Here's a stitchery just waiting to be born.

Ram's horns? Shells? The Golden Mean?

I'm going to play with some of these images in thread and cloth and beads. I had collected fibre art supplies years ago with lichen images in mind. It seems like my inspiration has finally come at a time in my life when I can commit to creating something just to please myself.

Oh, and Anita emailed me to admit she was crazy about lichen too.

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Sheila and Zelda of Just Imagine Mosaics said...

I also take photo's of things like this, rocks and stone formations, growth etc. I don't have any ideas for using them, but I have many texture photo's.
I am also a quilter and have recently entered the "Fabric Art" area. Soooo you have inspired me and I now have a direction to go in. Thanks.
I am in Kloof, Durban, South Africa.