Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Grace Lake, Killarney Provincial Park

We did our annual canoe trip to nearby Killarney Provincial Park 2 weeks ago. This time we stayed in the north end of the park, with 3 nights at Grace Lake and 1 night at Nellie. Canada's Group of Seven painters sketched and painted in many areas of Killarney. One of Franklin Carmichael's favorite places to paint were the La Cloche Mountains and Grace Lake.

I stitched two photographs together to get this image, taken from one of the hilltops above the lake.

The La Cloche Mountains are brilliant white quartzite, with shots of rose pink, gray and the occasional melon orange. They are ancient and worn down to hills. We spent the days scrambling around the hills, enjoying the views, taking lots of photos and enjoying the last warm days of the summer.

Log and stone markers, thoughtfully placed by previous visitors, directed us to the hilltops.

The hill above our campsite.

Sasha and Lily beside an inukshuk marker. Sid took this photo.

Glacier scrapes.

Wintergreen grew everywhere.

My next post will show my new obsession with lichens. I may be the only person I know who would spend so many hours photographing lichen. I'm a cheap date, what can I say!

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