Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Blueberry Lake, Temagami: Campsite

Continued from previous post...

We perched our tent on the most level spot of the campsite. (In Temagami, "level" is a relative term that means you probably won't actually slide into the lake.) Then we paddled across the lake to a place where there were several standing small dead trees. We needed the trees for firewood. After loading the canoe with wood, we paddled back to the campsite and I started a fire in the firepit.

I'm grilling steaks and a baked potato for dinner. These were accompanied by a nice Chilean Malbec. There's nothing like a glass of wine to go with your sizzling T-bone steak after a day of paddling!

This 120 year old Red Pine ridge was my view from the campfire. These trees grew here after a forest fire that blazed through in the 1880's.

This little garter snake was evicted from it's home in the firepit while the campfire was going. He curled up on the sunny rock until the fire was put out later that evening.

This is a tiny, gnarly white cedar growing from a crack in the bedrock at the end of our campsite. I can't even imagine how old it is.

And here is our Lily, plum tuckered out after a day of hiking and chasing chipmunks.

The next post will feature our hike on the Old Growth Trail.

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