Sunday, January 20, 2008

Protection/Healing Quilt

Carrying on my blue theme, this is a wall quilt I made for my sister. My friend Judy Martin made a beautiful Protection Heart block for me several years ago, and it inspired me to make this quilt for my sister. I used colours that symbolize her element (air) and metal (gold). I included a Protection Heart, a Healing Hand, and Life Spiral images.

I also included buttons from 3 generations of family button boxes, a length of old hand-crocheted lace that was passed down to me, many symbolic embellishments including Roman Catholic religious medals, and a collection of lace hankerchiefs that belonged to our Great Aunt Muriel Rice. She graduated from the Waltham Training School for Nurses in 1925, and these hankies were part of her nursing uniform. Muriel worked as a healer all her life, and I wanted to include her power in the quilt.

I stencilled the back of the quilt with words that describe my sister, and used one of Muriel's fancy dress hankies as the label.

This quilt is collaged, pieced, hand-embroidered, stamped and stencilled.

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