Monday, March 30, 2009

Superior School of Threadology - More Highlights

I'm catching up on the the blogging I've missed by beginning with the Superior School of Threadology wrap-up.

Annie Unrein's class project using Texture Magic for the bag bottom

Heather Purcell, aka Mother Superior, gives an amazing Show & Tell of the stunning quilts in her personal collection. The workmanship and designs were unbelievable.

Bob Purcell gets fitted for his mortar board before the graduation ceremony begins

Jean Boyd graduates!

The Rices are graduated together: Janett Rice on the left,
moi on the right

Anita Zobens fondles her fat quarters while waiting for the shuttle

Leaving Las Vegas

Time to go home and await anxiously for my threads from the Superior Threads Warehouse Shopping Spree to arrive in the mail! And arrive they did :o) I can hardly wait to start playing with all those yummy colours...

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