Thursday, September 4, 2008

Blueberry Lake, Temagami: Old Growth Trail 2

Continued from previous posts:

Mushrooms and fungi were in abundance. I can't identify them - I need a friend to teach me mushroomology.

This one was so bizarre...

Moose poop looks like giant rabbit poop.

Pileated Woodpecker holes in a red pine.

This is probably a Pink Ladyslipper orchid. I saw these orchids everywhere around Blueberry Lake. The wildflower display must be beautiful in May.

This tree was blasted by lightning. Can you imagine the incredible force?

And this is what remained of the top after the blast.

I would love to lead ecology trips to this area. But what would I call the tour - Tiptoe through the Twinflowers? Nibble your way through the Northwoods? This is what Northern Ontario looks like when people haven't altered the landscape. This is my genius loci.

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Sherri said...

Goregeous photos! I've never been to Temagami, but would love to go. My daughter and I were in Algonquin in July and saw both the red mushroom you photographed and the things in the second photograph. Algoquin has a great mushroom/fungus resource guide that identifies them: the red mushroom is russula sanguinea or rosy russula. Apparently a favourite food of the red squirrel; the other things are coral fungi, maybe a form of rooted wood coral (ramaria stricta).Thanks for the photos!